Santorini, Greece events, and dining with my Friend Curtis

So we went for it and said screw this heat and let’s go on a trip. Kind of spur of the moment and Really exhilarating, to say the least. We wanted to just get away and get a little fun in for the summer. Me and Curtis, Garage Door Repair OKC owner decided to give Santorini a shot. I ran across a ton of information on it on google and this is what I took from it.

Santorini  Island offers the perfect mix of news ld and modern cultures of this cityFilled with churches that out way the number of homes.Water is less than wine when it comes to amountThe folks of Santorini uphold their tradition very often by planning and hosting events by preparing amazing original dishes of delicacy foods that will have you looking for a new home in Santorini.

Most of the events here are of religious festivals that honor different saints and are marked with lively festivities, consisting of great food, wine, and entertainment. Here is your guide to a few of the major events in Santorini, which you surely do not want to miss during your stay.


  1.  Feast of Agios Anagiri

This is one of the great religious festivals, that you surely do not want to miss. Held on July 1st, in Megalohori, Anagiri feast offers an excellent opportunity to visit the traditional settlement and follow the procession of the icon around the picturesque alleys of the village that haven’t been touched over centuries. All visitors are served with “Kokkinisto”, which is a casserole meat and potatoes in tomato sauce, which tastes absolutely DIVINE. Traditional instrumental music is also played throughout the event.


  1.  Saint Matrona’s Day

Held on October 20, in Finikia, Saint Matrona’s Day is one of the most adored festivals of the year. It is also one of the most important ‘panegyric’ of the island. On the eve, the church is decorated beautifully with numerous palm leaves. Furthermore, on the festival day, the litany of the icon takes place around the alleys that are paved with rosemary and sweet-scented pelargonium. The menu consists of various dishes including the traditional codfish cooked with fresh onion, oil, and boiled potatoes. People enjoy their evening listening and dancing to traditional instrumental music, dining with delicious food and are amused by the blissful environment.


  1. Ifestia Festival

This takes place every year on the 3rd Saturday of September. It is one of the longest running festivals in Santorini and offers something thrilling and different every year. One of the major highlights of this event is the Ifesta firework show that is conducted to entertain the audience with magical volcano reminiscent spectacle, accompanied by great music. The firework is about 90 miles in height, and it takes place of magma and lava and creates a unique combination of light and color, which turns night into day. This is a MUST to attend.


  1. International Music Festival

The International Music Festival of Santorini takes place from July end till the start of September. A great festival to attend while you are on your summer break!  Music, Optimism, Light, and Faith is the definition of this festival. The concert takes place in the Petros Nomikos Conference Centre, which is the heart of Fira Village. Piano recitals, orchestras, jazz recitals, violin recitals, piano duets and operatic music are a few of the things the concert has to offer.  Chamber Music, Byzantine Music, tango, and jazz are three of the most popular types of music that you can hear and dance in this concert.


We will update this site with some great photos of Santorini soon


Stay Focused And Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

Setting life goals is a great way to achieve many things in life. Our goals help us achieve things because they are like milestones.

Setting goals for our weight loss is a great way to stay ahead of the game, by setting a time or even a place when you will achieve a certain result helps in many ways.

Setting life goals helps make us more organized, and it makes us do things which we might not normally do, like exercise, proper dieting, visualization, yoga, and more. Setting goals puts pressure on us so we work harder to achieve our deadlines.

It is a good kind of stress and pressure which the goals give us, it means the pressure and stresses the goals place on us actually help us out in the long run instead of doing more damage like normal day work stress does.

There are a few different kinds of goals we can do, we can set small daily goals or we can set larger goals which take weeks or months or even a year or two to complete, and the goals can be anything, but it helps to have your goals obtainable.

Goals which seem accessible are the goals which you believe you can achieve in your set time frame. Now obtainable goals are different for everyone, one person may find that the goals which one person sets are too high for them or too low.

Everyone is an individual and have their own ideas of what is obtainable and what is not for them, for example, let’s say I set a goal to lose 85 pounds by next year, now to me that is a very realistic goal in my mind, but for some other people losing 85 pounds by next year might seem too hard to do, or too easy to do and they might set higher or lower goals for themselves.

Setting life goals by writing them down on a piece of works very well to solidify your goal, putting your goal down so you do not forget them is like chiseling them out of stone. You are telling yourself your goal is here to stay and that you must achieve it for success. One other thing life goals help with and that is they build self-assurance and admiration from others, when you achieve your goals, whether they are small or larger goals, you become more confident in your ability and other people see this in you and are inspired to follow your lead.

So start today and set some life goals to be proud of, follow through and succeed. You can do it!!



Home to Rome

Howdy from OKC!

Okay, everyone. Thank you for your interest in my new site. I am excited to be able to get you onboard of my travels I take and maybe help you with deciding where you should go on vacation. I have been everywhere man, and no I’m not Johnny Cash, and love sharing my experiences and the beautiful places I go. There is too much to see in this big, big world fro people to confined their whole life to one zip code. Take time to travel and see the world and get the experiences you deserve. We all have to think about the time we have and the time we need to not waste. So gather your suitcase and a vision of where you want to go next and get moving. There is no better time than now to see what the world has to offer.

Stay tuned and I will be posting some amazing pics to my site and talking more about the places I visit. always feel free to. contact me to talk more about anything you would like. Contact me here.

Kindly, Brad